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Our Learning Environment


An essential part of being an authentically Catholic school is offering students a supportive environment in which to learn. Holy Family Primary makes the welfare of its students a priority and seeks to offer them appropriate support to ensure their wellbeing.

Transition to Kindergarten program

Beginning Kindergarten can be daunting for both children and parents. At Holy Family we offer prospective parents and students a transition program run over several weeks during Term 4 in order to offer our newest students a smooth start to their education. Children are able to meet their new teachers and fellow students in an informal and supportive environment, and engage in a variety of learning centre activities. Initially, parents participate in the program with their children, and are also given an orientation to the school and opportunities to get to know each other. Kindergarten students are assigned a Year 6 ‘buddy’ to support them during their first year at school.

Transition to high school

We enjoy close ties with the other Catholic schools in our area; staff visit other schools and participate in forums to share best practice in literacy education, while students participate in cluster events such as the Delany Cup debating and Voice of Youth competitions. Delany College, Granville, also provides our students with a number of orientation opportunities during Year 6, as well as the ‘High School Student for a Day’ program.

Students with Additional Needs

We recognise that not all students learn at the same pace or in the same ways, and we have a support team of specialist teachers providing support to students who require additional support in order to meet syllabus outcomes. Our support team provide expertise in special education, language support, English as a Second Language, and work closely with teachers to support the learning of all students.

Holy Family Playgroup

Holy Family Playgroup is held each Tuesday morning from 9:00am - 11:30am. Parents are invited to bring a piece of fruit to share for morning tea and a $2 coin donation. If parents have any concerns or questions, please contact Mrs Fadia Rizk or the school office. 

Pastoral Care

The social and emotional welfare of our students at Holy Family is as important as their academic education. Our counsellor is available to assist students and their families with personal, social and emotional needs.

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