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School Plan

From Successful Language Learners to National Partnerships.

Our school is fortunate to be able to participate in the National Partnerships Smarter Schools initiative This is a state-wide program involving government and non-government schools and represents significant funding from the Commonwealth Government to New South Wales schools, as well as a co-contribution from the State Government.

Common to all schools in this Smarter Schools National Partnership is the objective of raising overall attainment so that NSW primary school students in Stages 2 and 3 gain reading skills to actively engage in school and in society.

Our involvement in this initiative allows us to continue the gains made during our participation in the Successful Language Learners project that have fostered improved literacy and numeracy skills in our students, as well as the development of an inclusive learning community.
For further details, please follow the link below to our school plan.

Smarter Schools National Partnerships - Low SES (Updated April 2013)

Smarter Schools National Partnerships - Low SES (Updated Sept 2012)

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