Holy Family Primary prides itself on giving our students access to a well-qualified staff with a commitment to lifelong learning.

The school employs professional classroom teachers, a learning support team comprising of leaders of literacy and diversity, a library assistant, as well as specialist dance/drama teachers.

A team of qualified teachers’ aides support student learning needs. The school also employs a maintenance person, two office staff and a school liaison officer.

Specialist services, such as counselling, educational testing and language support, are provided by consultants from the Catholic Education Office.

All staff at the school are involved in ongoing professional development to keep up-to-date with best practice in education.

Staff at Holy Family East Granville

Staff at Holy Family East Granville

Staff at Holy Family East Granville

If you wish to contact a member of staff please refer to our contact us page.

Leadership Team

Principal Mrs Cheryl Fortini
Assistant Principal Mr Stephen Bawden
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Jodie Donlan
Instructional Leader Mrs Fiona Ardus
Instructional Leader Mrs Rebecca French


Leaders of Learning - Kindergarten

Miss Stephanie Eid
Miss Charmaine Cobol
Ms Amanda Boutros

Leaders of Learning - Year 1 Miss Jamal Al-Chalouhi
Mrs Nicole Irwin
Mrs Amanda El Hawzi
Leaders of Learning - Year 2 Mr Joseph Eid
Miss Josie Lianos
Leaders of Learning - Year 3 Miss Lisa Miceli
Miss Anne Vo
Mrs Vanessa Elias             
Leaders of Learning - Year 4 Miss Kristina Takchi
Mrs Jessica Chiha
Mrs Bernadine Van Eyk
Mrs Kim Doherty
Mrs Rebecca Eid
Leaders of Learning - Year 5 Mr Matthew Puumalainen
Miss Chantal Dalger
Mrs Jodie Donlan
Leaders of Learning - Year 6 Mrs Judy Kari
Miss Georgia Khoury
RFF - Music and Library Mrs Suzanne Moujali
RFF - Drama, Dance and Visual Arts Miss Anne Vo
Library Technician Mrs Lyn Gordon
Leader of Diversity Mr Stephen Bawden
Reading Recovery Mr Stephen Bawden
Miss Alicia Nelson
Mrs Kerry Valenzisi
EMU Specialist Teachers Mr Stephen Bawden
Mrs Dorothee Wallis Baker
R3 Intervention Teachers Mrs RebeccaFrench
Mr Matthew Puumalainen
Diversity Support Teachers Mr Stephen Bawden
Miss Alicia Nelson
Mrs Dorothee Wallis-Baker
Ms Jill Tate (Speech Therapist)
Teacher Assistants Mrs Cindy Celik
Mrs Samira Kanbour
Mrs Elizabeth Younan
Mrs Lyn Gordon
Community Liaison Mrs Fadia Rizk (Arabic Speaking)
Ms Shannon Un (Chinese Speaking)
School Counsellor Mr Brian Melocco
Administration Mrs Heidi Ali (Finance)
Mrs Kelly Keane (Admin)
Ms Bernadette Alexander (Primary Business Manager)
ICT Trainee Mr Nicholas Azar
Concert Band Educators Mrs Kerrie Jiear
Ms Jade Tinkler
Ms Jane Grimly
Mr Charles Simiana
Mr Andrew Neal
Captivate Teacher Educator Mr Timothy Martin
Ms Beth Rossier
Maintenance Mr Ken Beardsley
Cleaner Mrs Carmen Borg